Learjet 31A

If you are unfamiliar with the Learjet, you should know that they mean speed. The Learjet 31A can cruise at a speed of Mach .81, after climbing to cruising altitude after just under a half-hour. Those capabilities far exceed those of any of the Learjet's closest competitors; the 31A comes with lower fuel burn and great performance on the runway, making for fast and efficient private jet flight. The Learjet 31A can seat up to eight people in the 17.1 foot cabin, and there is 67 feet in baggage space. 

Thrust is provided by twin Garret TFE 731-2-4-3B engines, at 3500 lbs. of thrust per engine. The 31A outperforms all of its competitors, with a range of 1252 nm seating four, and it performs well at high altitude and in temperature extremes. At its top take-off weight, the Learjet 31A can use a strip of 3490 feet, and its in-flight performance is great as well. It accelerates and responds rapidly, making it a favorite among pilots. The Learjet 31A is renowned for its smooth flying and its ability to operate outside the flight envelope.

The strongest component of the 31A is its avionics suite. The jet comes equipped with a KFC 3100 autopilot, with auto climb/descent modes. The controls are set to make the pilot's job as easy as possible; circuit breakers and systems are grouped by function and the control layout is intended to cut the clutter. The systems aboard the 31A are so comprehensive that the jet meets the standards the FAA has set for commercial airliners. The Learjet 31 combines performance, economy and speed without cutting corners.