Gulfstream G450

The Gulfstream G450 is one of the best-selling business-class jets in the world, and it has several benefits that its competitors do not. The G450 has the largest cabin in its class, and also the longest flight range. Its predecessor was the GIV series, which ceased production in 2002. Since that time, the Gulfstream G450 has decimated the competition; because of it, over five hundred competing models ceased production.

This Gulfstream model has almost every amenity and technological advance that can be included on a business jet. It can carry eight people at a speed up to Mach .88, for a range of 8,056 km. For longer-distance flying, it has a speed of Mach .80. It can handle high altitudes, and is capable of intercontinental flight, making it a popular choice as a corporate jet. The Gulfstream G450 can fly between Denver, Colorado and Honolulu, Hawaii in seven hours, a record for a business jet.

The G450's cockpit is one of the industry's most advanced, with flight information displayed on a fourteen-inch LCD screen in landscape orientation. It is equipped with EVS (Enhanced Vision System) for greater situational awareness. This technological advance offers increased visibility of nighttime surroundings, runway markers, and climate conditions. The G450 is also equipped with synthetic-vision PFD (Primary Flight Display), for visibility in conditions where the actual visibility is zero.

The Gulfstream 450 can come in six different cabin configurations, so that buyers can customize it according to their requirements. In some models, sixteen passengers can fly in comfort regardless of outside conditions. The oval windows ensure that passengers get plenty of sunshine, and the G450's soundproofing technology is among the world's most advanced. The aircraft has a reliability rating of 99.8%, and there are more than three thousand people working to ensure that that record remains intact.