Citation Sovereign

The Citation Sovereign is the Cessna version of the perfect business-class jet; it's economically sound, comfortable and has adequate performance - perfectly appropriate for all sorts of leaders of business. It can fly coast-to-coast like larger planes, but has all the amenities that make midsized jets so attractive. The Sovereign can take off in less than four thousand feet, unlike any of its competitors, and has a cruising speed of Mach .75. The cabin of the Sovereign is twenty four and a half feet long, and can seat from 8 to 12 people. Most people will not have an issue standing in the spacious cabin, and there is adequate space for baggage within the cabin.

The bathroom is also spacious; passengers can change clothes in private because of the sliding doors. There is non-fluorescent lighting for comfort and decreased production cost; this jet is equipped with LEDs that have a 100,000 hour life. The cockpit and cabin can be cooled through APU before the engines are started. The Sovereign isn't just a popular choice with passengers; its pilots like it as well. This plane was designed with simplicity in mind- the flight operations and systems are very uncomplicated and flights are smoother and safer. Most startup functions are automatic, and if anything goes wrong during startup, the engine automatically shuts off.

The trailing-link landing gear on the Citation Sovereign makes for smooth landings and taxiing. All gear has two wheels, meant to last more than three hundred landings, as are the brakes. Variable gears change the flaps to optimum flight angle (between 15 and 25 degrees); the Sovereign was the first jet to use variable gearing. Although the Citation Sovereign is known for its simplicity, the wing departs from that trend. It has a sixteen degree angle, improving lift and airflow.

Although the top speed of Mach .75 isn't impressive, it's not due to the size of the engine. The Sovereign is fitted with PW306C engines by Pratt & Whitney, and each provide 5,000 lbs. of thrust. There are also two fuel pumps; a DC powered one and one powered by an engine. As is the case with other Cessnas, safety is a priority with the Sovereign. Everything from the simple operating procedures to the fail-safe systems are meant to allow for easy flight and reduced chance of accidents.